A Disappointment

Today I returned home from a road trip, and I also learned some disappointing news. Back in September, I entered a poetry contest. I thought I maybe had a chance because it was not for one poem, but for a collection of poems spanning at least fifty pages. I have no delusions about being a great poet, but some of my poems are not too bad, and I thought that being able to submit a body of work might work in my favor. I also thought that maybe not many people would have that many poems to submit.

The winner was supposed to be announced in December, so I have checked the website several times. Today when I checked, I saw that the winner has indeed been announced—and it is not me, obviously. Now I have to consider if I want to submit that collection to other publishers, since I worked so very hard to get it ready. It would have been really nice to have that affirmation—that someone other than my late mother believes I am a poet!

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