I’m Back!

My writing has really suffered due to my “real-life” commitments over the last few years, but after an incredibly stressful school year I am taking a break from teaching and plunging back into writing with a vengeance. I plan to chronicle my adventures here as a way to keep myself motivated.

In the past, July was always my “writing intensive” month, where I tried to write a full novel—as many as 80,000 words. The last few years I have been teaching too much to make that possible, but guess what? I’m back, baby! This year I’ve joined Camp NaNoWriMo and am hoping to write the second book in my middle grade series this month.

But that’s not all! I have a publisher who wants to publish an anthology of my short stories. Huzzah for that! But, ahem, he doesn’t have enough to fill an anthology yet. So I’ll be “cheating” on my novel project this month to write more short stories, which I find much more challenging than novels, to be honest. I have written two new stories in the last few weeks and am almost finished with a third. I have two older stories that I can expand/revise to bring them up to my current standards. And I figure I need to come up with at least two more killer story ideas to round out the collection.

So, lots going on here. My creativity is surging and I am so ready to get back to work!

Nearing the Deadline

I am taking a moment to celebrate and breathe deeply before continuing with my preparation for the East Texas Christian Writers Conference, which starts tomorrow. My class outline came together at last and I decided I would attempt to put together a PowerPoint presentation to go with it. I have only done a PowerPoint once before, and to be honest, it was kind of embarrassing.

This time, however, I kept Googling stuff and looking up information on YouTube, and I feel that I have done a much better job! I am actually excited for the conference and for a chance to share my love of speculative fiction with others.

I also washed a bunch of clothes by hand and they are now hanging to dry in my bathroom. We still don’t have hot water, and the washing machine is not hooked up, so my options are limited. I may be going to the gym to take a shower tonight . . .