It Worked!

I know you’re all dying to know if my road trip yielded any new story ideas. Yes!

Yesterday I can’t say I had any new inspiration while driving. But after I got to my hotel room and started unwinding, I had a great idea. Today while I was driving again, I turned that idea over and over in my head. I thought last night that I would use it as the basis for a new story, but during my drive today I realized that it could solve my dilemma with my current story and now I’m excited to start writing again.


So, we’re halfway through November. Have I been doing a lot of writing? No. I am working on a story but I am struggling with the plot. However, tomorrow I leave on a road trip to go visit my dad (700 miles each way). Hours and hours of being alone in the car. You’d better believe I am taking a notepad with me to jot down ideas as they come to me. Road trips spark my imagination like nothing else!

National Novel Writing Month

All my writing ambitions were put on hold due to illness for the last few months. Today, the first day of NaNoWriMo, I am feeling much better and able to write—but I’m not writing a novel. I’m back to writing short stories for my anthology, because that’s a project I committed to.

I am currently working on my tenth story for the anthology. I had originally thought that ten would be “enough,” but I feel like I need a total word count of at least 50,000, and I’m not there yet. I believe I will need at least two more stories after I finish this one—which I’m struggling with, to be honest.

What I really need, to be honest, is a road trip. Hours of driving alone in the car are the absolute best thing to dredge up potential stories from my well of ideas. But thanks to the pandemic and my own serious health issues, I haven’t been on a solo road trip since May. I’m hoping later this month I will be able to hit the road!

My Idea File

I am patting myself on the back right now for maintaining a file folder on my computer for story ideas. I went through it the other night and found ideas I had totally forgotten about. At least two of them I think I can use for the basis for new short stories to go in the anthology.

I’ve already picked the first one I want to work on. It’s about a girl who’s cursed.