WIPjoy #26

Protagonist Takeover Week: all answers must be in your protagonist’s words

Tell us about where you live.

Sohalie: I grew up on my father’s very large estate in the southern region of our country of Archbeck. It was very fertile, with many crops and orchards and a beautiful lake. Now I live in the far north, in the city of Ursindor, where there is lots of snow for at least half of every year. I ride bears and have to dress very warmly when I go outside. Hot springs help heat the buildings and keep walkways free of ice.

WIPjoy #25

Protagonist Takeover Week: all answers must be in your protagonist’s words

A line you were proud to say

Sohalie: He opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came out. In that moment I loved him more than I ever had before. I saw him in all his tenderhearted goodness, his willingness to deny himself for Sitara’s sake, and his deep joy at learning it would not be necessary. I knew I had made the right choice, but the pain at that moment was difficult to bear.

WIPjoy #24

Protagonist Takeover Week: all answers must be in your protagonist’s words

Favorite way to relax?

Sohalie: I love to do embroidery and beading to make my things more beautiful. I also play the harp and find music very soothing. But if I really need to work the kinks out of my brain, there’s nothing like an exhilarating bear ride through the snow!


WIPjoy #21

I’m most impatient to hear reader reactions to . . .

Well, first of all, I would just love for there to be some readers, any readers, to react to any of it! But I’m probably most curious to see how they react to the character of Sohalie. I really hope they’ll root for her, because otherwise they’ll hate the book.

WIPjoy #20

The relationship I root most for is . . .

That’s a tough one. I do really root for Sohalie and Per, but I also have a huge vested interest in Sohalie’s relationship with her sister Sitara. And I’m kind of starting to think that something should happen between Tigran and Zabelle . . .

WIPjoy #19

I love my world/setting because:

Well, this is actually my third novel set in this world, but I’m exploring a whole new part of it, which ranges from a very mild temperate climate in the south to a very cold snowy land in the north. There are also rock spires and huge black hawks and oversized polar bears that act as steeds. I even managed to sneak some Dusty dragons into the story, if only briefly.

WIPjoy #18

Share an example of your best prose!

I’m not that enamored with my prose at the moment. I spent way too long trying find something “good” and failed. So this is just a random paragraph.

When my hour was up, I tried to think of something, anything, that I could do to stay alive. I remembered that my friend Zabelle had climbed a tree to stay safe in that first battle south of the Shullen. I could only hope that Aneesh wouldn’t think of looking in the trees, because I couldn’t come up with anything better. To my right, in the west, the trees were very widely spaced, but on the east side of the road was a rather thick wood, with a mix of many kinds of trees. Conifers, hardwoods, and of course bobo nut trees, dressed in their pale green spring leaves.