Progress on Multiple Fronts

Yesterday, as I worked on my story, I had an inspiration—a way to add depth to my world building that I should have thought of before. So this morning my first order of business was to create a new document with all these details in it, so I could consult it as needed. It involved naming a lot of things. I am now ridiculously pleased with myself. This one little thing makes the story so much better. In my opinion.

Also, we are making headway on my short story anthology. Most edits are finished and we are now discussing a title.

And I wrote 1408 words today. I’m still behind, but I’ve written 27,328 words this month and am closing in on my goal of 42,000 words. I’m actually not sure the story is going to go that long. I guess the only way to find out is to keep writing.

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