WIPjoy #7

Tell us about YOU and your work. Links to published works are okay today.

Well, this is a wide-open prompt! I have been a story-teller since childhood. My first actual book was a memoir about my years at a boarding school in Africa, which you can get here:


After that I dove into writing speculative fiction, which I had always dreamed of doing. I am currently working on my sixth novel in 11 years. So far none of them have been published. I have, however, had three short stories published in the last year.

My story “Doomsafe” appears in the Realmscapes Anthology:

My story “Dragon Moon” appears in this issue of The Colored Lens:

And my story “Cameo” just came out in the Mythic Orbits 2016 anthology:

So, I feel like I am getting closer to the prize of being a published novelist!


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