WIPjoy is Back!

In September, I did 30 days of posts prompted by WIPjoy, the brainchild of a writer named Bethany Jennings. Well, it so happens that she has come out with a new list of prompts for this month, which happens to be the month I’m actually planning on trying to finish my novel, so I’m going to do my best to answer the prompts again.

Today’s prompt: Introduce your WIP (work in progress).

My WIP is a fantasy currently titled Sohalie’s Search. The main character, Sohalie (pronounced SO-hah-lee) is a vain and selfish girl who falls for a handsome newcomer. The only problem is the guy, Maarten, prefers Sohalie’s sister Sitara. Sohalie takes drastic action which changes her own life and many others too. Along the way she grows into a person who is determined to set right the terrible wrong she did, even though the cost is very high.


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