WIPJoy #8

“Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP.”

Sight: “We were high enough up that we could indeed see the sea, and the path of fire leading across it from the rising sun to the snow-covered land.”

Sound: “I was about halfway down, wondering exactly where the hawk was, when I found out. She was behind me. Screeching in rage, she grabbed at me with her massive talons.”

Scent: “As we raced across the snow, the scent of the air changed from ‘fresh snow’ to ‘saltwater.’”

Taste: “After making our chulla, we sipped it by the fire while we ate our supper. I’ve always loved the hot rich spiciness of chulla, but on this occasion it tasted downright sublime.”

Touch: “Both bedroom and sitting room were covered with luxurious furs that were soft and warm under my bare feet, once I had taken off my boots.”


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