WIPJoy #1

There is a project known as WIPJoy, wherein an author posts about his/her work in progress every day for the month of September. I have decided to participate this year for as long as I find it amusing. Today’s assignment: to tell you about my WIP in an introductory way.

My current work in progress is a young adult novel tentatively titled Sohalie’s Search. It is a fantasy novel set in the world of Chella, a story world that I have already written two novels in. This story, however, takes place in a different country and about fifty years before the events of the other two novels, so there is no overlap in terms of characters or setting, other than that they take place on the same planet.

I actually got the idea for this story during the early bird workshop at Realm Makers 2015, which was led by Jeff Gerke. The main character, Sohalie (pronounced SO-hah-lee), is the elder of two sisters who are daughters of a nobleman. Trouble erupts when a young man from overseas arrives at their estate to foster with their family for a year. Sohalie claims first dibs on him, and her sister Sitara agrees, but the young man soon shows a clear preference for Sitara. Sohalie takes drastic action which changes all of their lives forever.


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