Is NaNo Making Me a Bad Writer?

As I believe I said before, I have done a month-long writing blitz several times before, but usually in July. The one time I did it in November I don’t think I signed up on the official NaNoWriMo site like I did this year, so no one was holding me accountable for my word totals.

I broke the 10,000 word mark today, and hope to get another couple thousand words written before it’s over, but I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Over time, I have learned to catch myself when I use unnecessary words–the word “that” being the most egregious example. When I see a useless “that” in the lines I’ve just written, I delete it at once. I do the same for most adverbs and suchlike.

Now, though, I think I can’t afford to lose those words! Word count is more important than concision! I can always take all the extra words out after NaNo is over!

Do you see how warped my thinking has become? I’m kind of disgusted with myself!

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