The Game is Afoot!

Well, it’s time to kick this blog into gear! I’ve got that class to teach at the writers’ conference this weekend, and I, uh, signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. If you’re not sure what NaNo is, it’s short for National Novel Writing Month, and it is always held during the month of November, because the organizers are heartless and sadistic trolls.

I mean, seriously, November? With Thanksgiving and trying to wrap up the fall semester and start planning for the holidays? Somehow I’m supposed to also write 50,000 words? I’ve done it once before, but on that occasion I don’t think I signed up for it officially on the website. This time I did. I have also in the past written up to 80,000 words in the month of July, so I know I can do it.

I’ve had a bunch of stuff in my idea file for some time, but none of it screamed “write me!” until this August, when a writing exercise at Realm Makers yielded a story idea that I really want to get going on. I can’t start until Sunday, obviously, but that’s a good thing because right now I need to devote my full attention to preparing for the writers’ conference!

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